From 2012 main focus of Sitno Pharma is chemical and pharmaceutical production and toxicological services.

Sitno Pharma, Ltd. is member of the Holding Group called Sitno Holding a.s., group of the companies offering Investment Consulting Services, Searching for strategic partners for investment-intensive projects and Crisis Management.

Our aim is to integrate and to offer to our clients the R&D and pharmaceutical production capacities of our partners in effective scientific cooperation in the fields of chemical sciences, bioinformatics and chemical engineering, industrial biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. We are reliable partner for our clients.

Company Strategy and Vision

Our strategy is to bring together research and development activities in the field of natural and technical sciences and integrate toxicological services for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and chemical substances (biocides, pesticides, veterinary products, etc.).

In order to be a reliable partner for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical industry, we have established a Scientific Board with the following members:

Prof. RNDr. Soňa Fraňová, PhD.

Soňa is Head of Department of Pharmacology of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She is also Leader of the Slovak Society of Pharmacology. For us, Sona is bringing top scientific expertise in toxicological evaluation of substances.

Doc. Ing. Pavla Rajniak, DrSc.

Pavol is bringing to us his long experience in development and application of mathematical models and experimental procedures for transfer of laboratory results into production for single manufacturing operations with the main focus on lyophilisation of pharmaceutical products under GMP conditions.

Ing. Vladimír Žvak, CSc.

Vlado was founder, entrepreneur and executive director in company TAU-CHEM, Ltd. Today, Vlado is responsible for Project Management Activities within Sitno Pharma.

Our partners.

In 2005, SITNO HOLDING a.s. (through its subsidiary SITNO Investa a.s. Košice) became co-founder and majority owner of the newly created HEMO MEDIKA s.r.o. based in Košice. The company HEMO MEDIKA s.r.o. has been actively operating in the health sector since its establishment and its activities have gradually expanded into following areas:

  • Haemostasis and thrombosis centres (ambulances and blood analysis laboratories)
  • Radiology centres (equipped with computed tomography and MRT)


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This development, research and fine chemicals manufacturing company was established in 1994 together with Sitno Group and partners with extensive experience in organic synthesis and technology. The company was specialized in heterocyclic chemistry, as well as in the more conventional fields of organic synthesis. The company´s competency in process development and scale up continues to raise their production innovation.

Since 1995, TAU-CHEM had premises within the industrial complex of Istrochem, a.s. Istrochem was established at the end of the nineteenth century by the Alfred Nobel group, with the supervision of Alfred Nobel himself.

In 2015, TAU-CHEM was the founder of the Omix4Health cluster. Omics4Health is an association that brings together entities from universities, institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, SME companies focused on research and development in the field of development and preparation of potential active substances for drug development and production.

From January 1st 2019, TAU-CHEM, Ltd and Biosynth s.r.o are merged into one company.

We have established BioTox Cluster to perform Ecotoxicological and Toxicological Studies for our clients, because we all think that in today’s global economy, “go it alone” business strategies no longer make sense. For companies, both large and small, regional clusters are the key to sustained growth, jobs and economic impact in the 21st century.

Within the BioTox Cluster we offer you a tailored based solution including preclinical, ecotoxicological, toxicological and physico-chemical assessment of your product, whether it is Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech product, Veterinary product or Cosmetic, Biocide, Medical Device or Food Supplement.

The BioTox Cluster will offer you “One- Stop” Solution for your product. You will receive complete service from one hand, having one Project Manager for the whole Project and without unexpected or hidden costs. The main drivers and benefits of the cluster are creativity, productivity, prosperity, innovation, entrepreneurship and development of international cooperation.

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